4 Ways To Decorate Your Event With Our Latex Balloons

4 Ways To Decorate Your Event With Our Latex Balloons - balloonsplaceusa

When it comes to party and event planning, one of the most important factors to consider is how you’ll decorate. After all, the decorations are among the first things your guests will notice, so you must wow them with a great impression. At Balloon Place, we believe there isn’t a better or more affordable way to decorate than with our wide selection of Gemar latex balloons. Keep reading for our best decorating ideas, then shop our latex balloons today.

4 Ways To Decorate With Latex Balloons


balloon wall

Balloon Wall

Looking for the perfect backdrop for pictures at your event? Consider using latex balloons to create a balloon wall. You can combine different colors for your theme, or stick with a monochromatic look to make a statement. Simply inflate the balloons with air, string them together, and hang the strings side by side to form a wall.

balloon arch

Balloon Arch

Nowadays, few decorations are as trendy as balloon arches. With some patience and a few different colors of latex balloons, you can string them together to form an arch that will surely capture your guests’ attention. Consider using different balloon sizes or attaching fake flowers for some added contrast.

balloon column

Balloon Column

If your event already has a decoration serving as the centerpiece, balloon columns are the perfect way to highlight it. All you have to do is string latex balloons together in the shape of a column, and add one on either side of the centerpiece. You can also incorporate streamers or fun shapes to make each column stand out.

balloon bouquet

Balloon Bouquet

Flower bouquets are beautiful, but balloon bouquets are even better. The possibilities are endless when it comes to designing a balloon bouquet! You can start with different colored latex balloons as a base, and add extra decorations like ribbons or garlands for a special touch. Balloon bouquets look best when they’re floating, so don’t forget to buy a helium tank to inflate them.

By trying some of these latex balloon decorating ideas, your next event is sure to be a hit with your guests. Shop latex balloons from Balloon Place today to get yours!

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