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GEMAR latex balloons:
A rainbow of opportunities

Gemar has the colors and shapes you need to make any event shine.

Our Florida party balloon store houses the largest collection of Gemar latex balloons

We recommend combining the magic of Shiny balloons with latex balloons in solid colors to make the most of their shine. Use our range of bright colors to set the mood for children's parties, baby showers and during romantic events such as anniversaries, marriage proposals and Valentine's Day celebrations.

You can also use our Shiny balloons in the preparation of balloon bouquets, the magic of our balloons will serve as a complementary resource for the design of your arrangements.


37 classic and adaptable colors, ideal for building arches, columns and garlands.


Fill your decorations with brilliance and create magical contrasts with our 8 Shiny colors.


Our satin textures come in 29 unique colors that will be the perfect addition to your color palettes.


Elegant textures? Crystal latex balloons are characterized by being flirty and diverse, and here you will find them in 13 fun colors.


The best thing about our neon latex balloons? They glow in the dark! Get them in the 6 available tones.


Innovative textures that will give a new twist to your decorations and arrangements, take a look at our printed balloons and create a show of color.


Italian latex balloon brand Gemar has raised the bar for our decorations for years with its brilliant colors and patterns.

Your clients will notice the difference once you start working with Gemar balloons, their float time is high compared to other standard balloons, and they come in a wide range of shapes and colors that allow the decorator to explore and build endless opportunities for their designs.

Giant Balloons

Huge balloons for special occasions.

Prime quality latex balloons

Guaranteed quality in your latex balloons! Explore the available color palettes.

Modelling iconic balloons

Create figures, sculptures and various shapes with our modeling latex balloons.

G-link Balloons

Create walls, arches and bouquets in an easy, safe and fun way.

Heart shape Balloons

Fill your arrangements and decorations with love and charm with our heart-shaped latex balloons.

Multiform latex Balloons

We have all the shapes you can imagine.

When we talk about Gemar latex balloons we talk about:

  • Premium quality

  • Sustainability:
    Biodegradable balloons

  • International

  • Innovation

  • Love for the
    art of balloons


Combine sizes and create contrasts
with the variety of shapes and models



The colors of the rainbow await you to create unique moments. Choose your favorites and start the adventure.


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Balloons Place, balloon store in Florida. We sell items for parties and events. Find balloons for birthdays, balloons for baptisms, balloons for baby showers, Christmas balloons, balloons for children's parties, and a large number of themed items for all occasions.

Find latex balloons with incredible textures and immerse yourself in a rainbow of opportunities

Download your Gemar color palette here and select your favorites.