The Latest Trend: Orbz Balloons

The Latest Trend: Orbz Balloons - balloonsplaceusa

Whether you’re a professional event designer or simply a kid at heart, one thing is for sure — balloons add an element of excitement to any occasion! Years ago, the only option available was traditional latex balloons. While those are still a go-to for many, there are more attractive balloons to choose from nowadays. 

At Balloons Place, we’re a wholesale and retail supplier of balloons located in Dania Beach, FL. We pride ourselves on staying at the forefront of party decor trends, and lately, we’ve noticed foil balloons are more popular than ever. One type stands out the most: Orbz balloons. Read on to learn more about this trendy balloon, then shop our collection for your next party or event.

What Are Orbz Balloons?

Orbz balloons are a type of foil balloon. They’re made with four stretchy foil panels that inflate beyond the normal limits of classic balloons. Classic balloons are known for their pear-like shape, but because Orbz can inflate further, they result in a perfectly rounded balloon. In fact, their appearance is similar to a beach ball or orb, which is where the inspiration for their name comes from.

 Like other balloons, Orbz are available in a wide range of colors and patterns. At Balloons Place, we carry Orbz balloons designed with popular cartoon characters, animal prints, special greetings, and more. 

Benefits of Using Orbz Balloons

If you’re accustomed to using traditional latex balloons as decorations, you may wonder whether it’s worthwhile to transition to Orbz. By using Orbz balloons, you’ll enjoy many benefits:

  • Orbz are versatile because they can be inflated with helium to float or with air to sit on the ground.
  • There are Orbz for every occasion, like graduation, Halloween, birthdays, and sporting events.
  • Orbz are aesthetically pleasing and available in a variety of attractive colors and patterns, such as mint green, ombré, rose gold, marble, lilac, and more, making it easy to express yourself or your event’s guest of honor with them. 
  • Unlike classic balloons, Orbz are unique because they stand out as an eye-catching decoration choice.

How To Decorate With Orbz Balloons

Orbz balloons are perfect for any party or event because they add a touch of fun and elegance, making them a hit with children and adults alike. Plus, because they’re so stunning to look at, they’re great in photos or as backdrops. At Balloon Place, it’s easy to find Orbz that suit your theme or preferences.

To get started decorating with Orbz balloons, you need to have a color scheme in mind. This makes it easier to buy balloons online ahead of time. From there, you’ll also need to decide whether you want to inflate your Orbz with air or helium. Air-filled Orbz will cover the ground beautifully, while helium-filled Orbz will float or hang wherever you want them. Consider using your Orbz balloons to create a trendy balloon arch or strategically place them throughout your venue. No matter how you use them, Orbz make a statement and are sure to please your guests.

Find the Best Orbz Balloons

If you’re looking for the best Orbz balloons online, look no further than Balloon Place. We can ship these unique foil balloons across the country, and delivery times are as quick as three to four days for most states. We have a wide selection of Orbz, making it easy to get the perfect decorations for any occasion. We even carry helium tanks if you want to make your Orbz float. At Balloon Place, we believe there isn’t a better or more trendy decor choice than Orbz balloons, so shop our collection today to get yours.

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