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Anastasia Onishchenko Balloons Workshop November 12th 2023 Bilingual in florida

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From 10-30 am to 6-30 pm | In-Person Workshop / Bilingual ft. Anastasia Onishchenko

CONTENT offered by Anastasia Onishchenko
-You will learn balloon installation.
-Teach you how to make money with balloons
-How to create your own business
-Balloon education you need for success
-New Tendency" professional balloon techniques
-Tips & Tricks
-Tools for balloon setup

Materials / Certificate included | Instructor Anastasia Onishchenko | 1206 Stirling Rd Suite 1A, Dania Beach, FL, 33004.

Learn to decorate and dress your event in the perfect autumn color combinations with the Balloons Workshop on November 12th, 2023. This bilingual course features the top Balloons decorator, Anastasia Onishchenko.

This unique workshop covers everything from basic balloons decorations to more complex techniques. Make this autumn memorable with Balloons Workshop.

The Art of decorating with balloons by Anastasia Onishchenko

According to Anastasia Onishchenko, a top elite balloon decorator, Balloon decoration uses balloons to create beautiful and festive displays. Balloon decorators can create anything from simple balloon arches and columns to elaborate balloon sculptures and walls. Balloon decoration is a popular and growing industry, as people are increasingly looking for unique and creative ways to celebrate special occasions.

How to Make a Business Decorating with Balloons like Anastasia Onishchenko

Suppose you are coming to the course Anastasia Onishchenko offered and are interested in starting a balloon decoration business. In that case, there are a few key things you need to do:

  1. Get training. Several balloon decorating classes and workshops are available, both online and in person. This training will teach you the basics of balloon decoration, such as inflating balloons, creating different balloon shapes, and assembling balloon displays.
  2. Purchase supplies. You must purchase various balloon supplies, such as balloons, helium, ribbons, and weights. Invest in a balloon pump and other tools to make your job easier.
  3. Create a portfolio. Once you have some experience with balloon decorating, start creating a portfolio of your work. This will help you show potential clients the designs you can make.
  4. Market your business. Once you have a portfolio and have created a business plan, it's time to start marketing your business. You can create a website and social media presence, network with other event professionals, and advertise in local publications.

Offering Services as a Balloon Decorator

There are a variety of services you can offer as a balloon decorator. Some standard services include:

  • Balloon arches and columns: These are simple but classic balloon decorations perfect for various events.
  • Balloon sculptures: Balloon sculptures can be anything from simple animals and shapes to elaborate works of Art.
  • Balloon walls: Balloon walls are a great way to create a festive backdrop for any event.
  • Balloon drop: A balloon drop is a fun and exciting way to start or end any event.